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Waymo’s self-driving data set to be made public

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Self-driving technology development company Waymo has announced that it will be making “the largest fully self-driving data set ever” freely available to the research community. 

By making the data available, Waymo hopes to accelerate the development of machine perception and self-driving technology.

The Financial Times reports that Waymo said it hoped the release would fuel research into self-driving technologies by adding to the body of data that could be drawn upon.

Waymo’s data is collected using cameras and sensors on its vehicles, it includes 1,000 high-resolution driving scenes that have been  labelled to indicate the presence of 12m objects such as pedestrians, cyclists and signage.

According to The Financial Times Vijaysai Patnaik product lead at Waymo said, “The fact that Waymo and other folks are releasing the data set is not so much about, ‘Hey, the problem is so hard, let’s just pool our data’; it’s about how we empower the research community for whom it’s really hard to get access to data sets like this.”


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