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Volvo to use Nvidia AI for autonomous trucks

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Volvo Group has announced that it is using Nvidia’s Drive end-to-end autonomous driving platform to train, test and deploy self-driving AI vehicles. 

The vehicles will aim to target public transport, freight transport, refuse and recycling collection, construction, mining and forestry.

The Electronic Engineering Times reports that Volvo will co-locate engineering teams in Gothenburg and Silicon Valley to build on the Drive AGX Pegasus platform for in-vehicle AI computing and utilize the full Drive AV software stack for 360-degree sensor processing, perception, map localization and path planning.

Volvo also plans on testing and validating these systems using the Nvidia Drive hardware-in-the-loop simulation platform, according to the Electronic Engineering Times.

Jensen Huang, Nvidia founder and CEO, said that the Volvo Group partnership was a landmark for the future of transportation. Together with Volvo Group CEO Martin Lundstedt, they said automated vehicle technology applied to an entire lineup of trucks operating around the world can bring enormous benefits for industries ranging from public and freight transport to forestry and construction, to become more efficient, with vehicles that can work longer and travel farther.


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