UK will have “fully driverless cars in 3-4 years” – minister | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

UK will have “fully driverless cars in 3-4 years” – minister

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The UK’s Transport Secretary says Britain will see truly driverless cars on its roads in three to four years’ time.

He’s told the Conservative Party Conference in Birmingham, “We are now rapidly approaching the era of the driverless car. I expect the first truly driverless cars to be on our roads within three or four years.”

The Government has repeatedly said 2021 is the target date for the technology to be available, although whether this is fully driverless vehicles on all roads or pods working in specific areas or vehicles operating autonomously in certain areas is not clear.

A survey of UK ITS experts by ITS (UK) earlier in the year suggested most do not believe that 2021 is realistic for fully driverless vehicles.


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