Transport remains UK’s biggest CO2 source | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Transport remains UK’s biggest CO2 source

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A new report has highlighted how transport remains the UK’s biggest single source of CO2 emissions, and the only sector not to have seen a decline since 1990. reports that overall emissions are down for a record sixth year in a row and some 39% below 1990.  UK CO2 emissions were at an estimated 361m tonnes (MtCO2) in 2018, which, outside years with general strikes, makes this the lowest since 1888.

However the report explains that “Transport is now the single-largest sector within the UK’s CO2 emissions total. This is because transport emissions have barely changed since 1990, while most other sectors have declined.”

It puts the estimated 1.5% reduction down to falling coal use, down 16% compared to a year earlier, whereas oil and gas use were largely unchanged.

The full report is here.


Wasn’t we told to scrap our petrol cars and switch to diesel to stop this?
So we all paid out to go to diesel, only then be told to pay out again and go back to petrol and lower mpg!
Project fear combined with driver bashing propaganda.