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Road safety minister wants secret speed camera locations

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The Road Safety Minister of Western Australia has called for the state’s police to stop advertising the location of its mobile speed cameras. reports that Michelle Roberts believes it reinforces the “anywhere, anytime” message to drivers that if they go over the limit, they should expect to risk facing the consequences.

It adds that her request is backed by a road safety expert in the state,Max Cameron, who says covert cameras are proven to be more effective at widespread speed reduction and cutting fatal crashes.

But it has raised concerns from shadow police and road safety minister Peter Katsambanis that it could give camera critics ammunition for their “revenue-raising” claims.

A WA Police spokeswoman told the site they would consider the Minister’s request. “The current arrangement to publicise speed camera locations has been in place for many years and is one of many efforts to increase awareness of road safety,” she said.


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