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LiDAR firm accuses rivals of stealing tech ideas

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Light detection and ranging (LiDAR) tech company Velodyne Lidar  has taken two Chinese companies to court over IP theft. 

Velodyne Lidar has reportedly accused Robosense and Hesai Photonics Technology of taking its “revolutionary invention” and incorporating it into their own competing products.

World IP Review reports that Robosense and Hesai are allegedly infringing patents covering Velodyne’s 3-D LiDAR sensors, rotating devices that are mounted on the roofs of autonomous vehicles. The sensors generate a dense “3-D point cloud” with a 360-degree field of view, which the vehicle can use to “see”.

Both claims alleged that the Chinese companies had inspected and performed a tear-down of Velodyne’s products, according to World IP Review.

Velodyne Lidar has reportedly asked the court to stop both companies from selling the allegedly infringing products and for enhanced damages.


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