Hyundai starts autonomous tech testing with truck platooning trials | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Hyundai starts autonomous tech testing with truck platooning trials

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Motor company Hyundai has reportedly started testing truck platooning technology on a motorway proving ground that replicates real-world driving conditions.

The tests reportedly took place on the 7.7km Yeoju Smart Highway in Korea which has been developed by the Korean government for autonomous driving research.

Smart Transport reports that Hyundai conducted the trial using two trailer-connected Xcient trucks and testing displayed vehicle platooning, cut-in/out by other vehicles, simultaneous emergency braking, and V2V communication tech. The speed limit was set at 60kph.

According to Smart Transport Jihan Ryu, head of Hyundai Motor’s Commercial Vehicle Electronics Control Engineering Group, said the demonstration of the technology would lead to a “paradigm shift” in the freight and logistics industry. Ryu also said Hyundai will be sharing its learnings on autonomous driving development between commercial vehicle and passenger car sectors to expedite level 5 self-driving technology.


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