Fully driverless cars “still 25 years away” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Fully driverless cars “still 25 years away”

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A leading technology expert is predicting that level five driverless cars will not be on our roads for up to another 25 years because “they aren’t safe enough.”

The Sun quotes Patrick Little, senior vice president at tech giant Qualcomm, as saying that while they can steer, brake and park the cannot make “moral decisions.”

“We’re 15 to 25 years away from level five,” he said.

“Cars cannot think what to do – do you plough through people or drive the driver into a pole?  These complex social and moral decisions are much further down the line.”

He did agree that less advanced cars that have some driverless functions will be on the road sooner, allowing drivers to temporarily take their hands off the wheel but must remain ready to act in an emergency.



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