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Atkins publishes passenger experience and data report

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Atkins has published a new white paper, “I’m improving passenger experience”, which outlines how data and technology can be used to to influence strategic decision making and user behaviour and, “Chart a route towards a more connected, automated and data-driven future.”

“Mobile technology has put an incredible amount of computing power in people’s hands,” the report explains. “Smartphones have changed the way we do business, purchase goods and engage with services, with a wide range of devices, including cars, connected to the internet and each other.

“Together with ever faster and more reliable connections, mobile technology has dramatically increased the volume of data we generate, capture and store. So much so, this data is now influencing business decisions and driving innovation like never before. It is transforming the way we think about transport but have we fully realised its potential?”

The report explains that data is valuable – it has been described by some analysts as a ‘currency’ or ‘the new oil’.  In many sectors, including transport, it says, it becomes invaluable when it is gathered, analysed and transformed into operational and business intelligence. Now there is great potential for doing so in real-time, offering even bigger opportunities for enhancing the travel experience.

But it says there are many issues that need to be addressed; applying the data, interoperability, privacy and security, sharing benefits with the community and public versus commercial interests.

You can read the full report here.


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