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Apple may ‘acqui-hire’ automated vehicle tech startup

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According to individuals with knowledge of negotiations, Apple could be moving toward acquiring self-driving vehicle startup 

The possible deal, which has been described as an “acqui-hire,” would give Apple access to’s workforce.

Business Insider reports that despite setbacks, Apple is still fully committed to building up a presence in the autonomous driving space.

Apple’s autonomous vehicles (AVs) logged nearly 80,000 test miles in California in the year ended November 30, 2018, but its cars disengaged and required a human operator to intervene once every 1.15 miles on average.

The potential acquisition coupled with other recent developments indicates that the company is undeterred by these obstacles, suggests Business Insider.

According to Business Insider reports released in April claimed that Apple was holding talks with multiple suppliers of next-generation LiDAR sensors for use in its AVs, while simultaneously continuing to develop proprietary versions of the tech. These developments coming to light within the span of two months may suggest that Apple is accelerating its commitment to AV.


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