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Account-based ticketing “coming soon”

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The UK rail industry could be offering country-wide account-based ticketing within two years using contactless payments as a means of improving the customer experience.

That’s the opinion of Cubic Transportation Systems regional product director Ronnie Beggs, who believes this is a major improvement in the way people travel.

He told SMART Highways at the Transport Ticketing Global conference in London that the Company is about to announce a major contract to provide the technology to one of the country’s Train Operating Companies and that the industry is looking at the schemes as the next generation of ticketing systems.

“I guess you could see this happening within a couple of years,” Beggs said. “There’s a lot of interest at Government level and in the UK Rail Industry to make these schemes work.  We’re seeing the types of initiative such as Transport for the North who are trying to roll out exactly that type of scheme across all the modes of transport.  The principle that we are trying to achieve is one account for all types of travel.”

Beggs added that the industry is trying to cookie-cutter the best solutions such as the Oyster card/contactless payment system in London.  “I think the industry is trying to do that cookie cutter approach,” he said.  “Transport for London has had one advantage is that they control all the transport modes, but it takes a lot more coordination across the different stakeholders to get the level of interest but we are getting a lot of engagement and the technology exists – it’s just for the industry to coordinate in such a way as to make it happen.”


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