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A question of safety: e-scooters

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A Lime e-scooter rider has recently been critically injured in a hit and run in central Auckland, New Zealand. 

A Lime spokeswoman Lauren Mentjox said staff at the company were “saddened” to hear of the incident.

According to Stuff magazine, Mentjox said,”Our thoughts are with the rider and his family at this difficult time. Safety is our number one priority, and we urge riders to always put the safety of themselves and others before anything else when riding our scooters.”

Stuff magazine also reports that researchers of the paper, The Cost of Electric-Scooter Related Orthopaedic Surgery, published in the New Zealand Medical Journal, found the popularity of e-scooters was creating an increasing burden on taxpayers and healthcare systems.

The study reportedly concluded that there could be “serious consequences” as a result of e-scooter travel, and said high-energy trauma, not previously associated with scooter injuries, was becoming increasingly prevalent as a result of “readily available” e-scooters.

The study said, “E-scooters may require modifications to reduce the maximum speed attainable and to increase stability.The problem could also be remedied by restricting public-use e-scooters such as Lime’s availability to certain times of the day so that fewer e-scooters are available during predicted peak injury incidence times.”

According to the Guardian in Australia the sale of electric scooters has “boomed” and that federal and state regulation has struggled to keep up with the technology, ultimately leading consumers at risk of inadvertently breaking the law and getting hurt on roads.

An ACT (Australian Capital Territory) government spokeswoman told The Guardian, “People are selling them, so we need to get on it. E-scooters are the kind of mobile and efficient transport that we are trying to encourage but safety is paramount.”


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