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You have the magazine, hear the writers on the latest podcast

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This latest edition of our SMART Highways podcast focusses on the latest issue of the magazine, covering smart motorways, other safety features in car and traffic management.

Our cover feature in this issue is all about the topical issue in Britain at the moment – the safety of smart motorways. Given the technology is being copied, or being considered, around the world as a lower-cost way of delivering more capacity, it’s a key issue everywhere. SMART Highways reporter Emma Greedy spoke to key people about the concept, the problems and possible solutions and explained some of her findings to Talking Transport presenter Paul Hutton, the editor of SMART Highways magazine.

In the podcast we also hear from two SMART Highways columnists who stick with the Safety First? message of the cover of the latest issue. Andy Graham talks eCall while Scott Belcher discusses photo enforcement.

Traffic management is also key in the latest issue with a range of articles from using the nudge theory to make a difference managing traffic better using data. There is also a long but excellent article about the use of automated solutions within urban traffic management and control. The article is about solutions in Northeast England using Mott MacDonald software called Osprey, so we hear from Ken Cowan from Mott MacDonald about it.

Emma Greedy discusses smart motorways 1m07s
Andy Graham talks eCall 7m46s
Scott Belcher on camera enforcement 10m55s
Ken Cowan on automated UTMC 16m00s

Listen out for lots more audio from Singapore in the next few weeks as well, and there will also be a special podcast from Gulf Traffic in Dubai before the end of the year.


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