Xevo adds BancPass toll payment app to its in-car marketplace | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Xevo adds BancPass toll payment app to its in-car marketplace

xevo Market reduced
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Xevo has added the BancPass electronic toll payment app to its app store, which it calls Xevo Market.

Xevo is a software developer specialising in the automotive industry, while BancPass is a startup with a specific solution for pre-paying tolls and putting stickers on your vehicle to show you have paid – PlusPass.

The PlusPass app can also be used to order for a range of services from within their vehicle because it will be integrated into the screen on the dashboard.

Dan Gittleman, CEO, Xevo, said: “Drivers and passengers spend hundreds of hours on the road each year, and Xevo Market’s innovative technology allows our partners to extend their customer relationships into millions of vehicles.

“Xevo Market improves the driving experience by making time spent in the car more productive and enjoyable. Together, Xevo and BancPass are revolutionizing the way people pay for tolls.”

John Freund, president, BancPass, said: “The nature of vehicle use and ownership is changing, and the partnership with Xevo and their in-vehicle platform allows greater flexibility in managing user payments from in-vehicle touchscreens.”


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