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Work on new tolling system gets underway

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Work has started on an advanced electronic tolling system at the Humber Bridge. 

Last month work started on an ambitious £5.2 million project to implement an innovative new electronic tolling system at the Humber Bridge.

The project will include a major redevelopment of the tolling plaza and systems, alongside the creation of some of the first ‘open tolling’ free-flow lanes in the UK. These will enable drivers to cross the Humber Bridge without stopping, and are designed to reduce crossing times and congestion at busy times.

The existing tolling systems at the Humber Bridge have remained largely unchanged since the bridge opened in 1981, and were in need of replacement. This new system will bring the iconic structure back to the forefront of tolling technology by utilising some of the world’s most advanced electronic equipment.

Customers who want to take advantage of electronic tolling will attach a small ‘tag’ to the windscreen of their vehicles, which will be automatically read each time they cross the bridge. These tags will be tied to a customer account, which will then be debited each time they cross the bridge.

The project is set to be completed by autumn/winter 2014, and will see the number of traditional cash tolling booths at the Humber Bridge reduced from six in each direction to three. These tolling booths will also be redesigned to feature automatic barriers, in an effort to streamline the tolling and crossing process (see artist’s impression above).

Benefits of the scheme include uninterrupted crossing, leading to faster journey times, a way to avoid fumbling for loose change or pre-paid tickets at the toll plaza, improved convenience and a user-friendly toll account.

General manager Peter Hill said: “When faced with the unavoidable need to replace the system, we made it our aim to provide bridge users with the most convenient crossing experience possible and opted to bring in a new scheme which will offer a modern, innovative and sustainable solution for the future.”


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