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Woman jailed for speed camera con

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A woman from the West Midlands has been jailed for perverting the course of justice by lying about speeding tickets.

Dudley News.co.uk reports that Samantha Keegan’s Audi was clocked topping 30mph limits in May, July and September last year – but on each occasion she claimed her car had been parked on her driveway at the time of the offences.

It says the 33-year-old suggested speed cameras had caught another blue Audi, running on cloned plates mirroring her car’s registration number, and that to support her lies Keegan put stickers – including a Union Flag and a GB disc – on the rear bumper and window of her car in an attempt to try and alter its appearance.

The report adds that the car was seized by West Midlands Police following information it was used in a robbery and while she was cleared of involvement, examination of the car showed not only had the stickers disappeared but other fine details matched those visible on the speed camera images.

She was interviewed on April 28 and given an opportunity to pay the fixed penalty notices – but continued the deception by claiming her ex-husband put the stickers on the car, although she claimed not to remember her former partner’s name.

Her ex-husband was traced and signed a statement denying knowledge of the Audi ever being emblazoned with stickers – and when officers checked Keegan’s phone they found incriminating text messages sent to her new partner.

One read: “Yet another speeding ticket I’m gonna have to take the rap for…thanks very much,” while another stated “I can’t keep blagging my way out of these, I could end up in serious trouble if I’m found out.”


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