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“Wired” predicts 2016 will be big for ITS

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The global technical magazine “Wired” is predicting a big year for ITS next year.

In its editor’s top technological predictions for 2016, autonomous driving and electric vehicles are said to be among the “big developments”

“Autonomous driving gets serious”, writes Scott Dadich, saying “we won’t be handing over the steering wheel next year, but we will begin the prep work: talking about regulations, figuring out the best ways to apply the technology, and testing how humans interact with these vehicles.

He also says electric cars will “break out”, with “Chevy rolling out the 200-mile, US$30,000 Bolt.  Tesla will show the Model 3, expected in 2017.  Aston Martin, Bentley, Rolls-Royce, and Lamborghini are likely to tout plug-in hybrids.  Not all of these cars will succeed or even come to market, but they’ll all provide glimpses of how this technology will be adopted and how the infrastructure needs to evolve.”

Among the other predictions are social media deciding the US Presidential election, consumer-grate virtual reality arriving, the cloud-connected smart home takes shape and Artificial Intelligence will “come to the every day”.


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