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Winners revealed in Govt £12.1m autonomous vehicle giveaway

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The Government has announced the winners of a collaborative R&D competition for connected and autonomous vehicles (CAVs), with £12.1m being handed out across six projects.

The schemes focus on simulation and modelling to aid the development of CAVs and technology and systems essential for developing, testing and proving safety.

The Centre for Connected and Autonomous Vehicles, through Innovate UK, launched the competition in January 2018 for holistic CAV simulation and modelling capabilities.

The biggest winner was the D-RISK project, which scooped a £3m grant for its £3.8m venture by aiPod – a consortium of five organisations hoping to develop ‘a novel scenario generator incorporating realistic edge case scenarios, in order to virtually validate a CAV’s decision making and qualify risk’.

The OmniCAV project won a £2.7m grant for its £3.9m venture. Latent Logic – a UK start up specialising in the simulation of realistic actors using AI within virtual environments – is leading a consortium of 11 to develop ‘a testing certification tool that can be used by accreditation bodies, insurers and manufacturers to accelerate the development of CAVs’.

JLR, Horiba Mira Limited and the University of Birmingham won a £1.7m grant for their £2.7m COSMOS project to develop ‘a simulation capability to reduce sensor interference in traffic and therefore improve safety’.

Further details of the winning schemes can be found here.


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