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Win for 5G technology after push by The European Commission

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The European Commission’s push to implement a Wi-Fi standard for connected cars has won the support of lawmakers.

Whilst supporters of the 5G technology Volkswagen are pleased, competitor BMW as well as other backers of a rival technology, still hope to overturn the decision.

Reuters reports that advocates of the alternative Cellular Vehicle to Everything standard (C-V2X) say their technology is already viable and will only improve as next-generation 5G mobile networks are rolled out.

China is already pressing ahead with C-V2X, which is designed to work with 5G but is incompatible with Wi-Fi, says Reuters.

Ford will deploy C-V2X there in 2021 and has committed to install it in all its new cars and trucks in the United States from 2022.

The European Commission has proposed a legal act to regulate so-called ‘Cooperative-Intelligent Transport Systems’ (C-ITS). This backs the ITS-G5 Wi-Fi standard that has already been adopted by much of the auto industry and is already certified.

According to Reuters, supporters of C-V2X have grown rapidly in number since eight companies – Audi, BMW, Daimler, Ericsson ERICb.ST>, Huawei, Intel, Nokia and Qualcomm – founded an alliance in 2016.

5G advocates object to a review process foreseen by the Commission that would allow other technologies to be admitted later to C-ITS, once certified. They say such interoperability is impossible because Wi-Fi and cellular radio technologies are incompatible.






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