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Welsh speed check catches 3,300 in two months

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Average speed cameras on the A55 in North Wales have identified 3,300 cases of drivers breaking the speed limit by the 10% plus two benchmark since they were switched on in June.

The Daily Post reports the cameras, installed on Rhuallt Hill have caught 3,320 drivers travelling at 79 miles per hour or above since with one driver travelling at 120mph along the westbound dual carriageway – which has a 70mph speed limit.

It adds, though, that the rate of drivers being caught has dropped since they were first installed, when more than 1,000 drivers were caught out in the first two weeks alone.

It says the highest speeds were caught by the cameras between the Travellers Rest and the top of Rhuallt Hill, which is where the 120mph driver was clocked. Other motorists were driving at 118mph and 117mph.

A spokesman for GoSafe, the traffic safety partnership, told the newspaper, “The A55 is a very busy stretch of road and we understand that the majority of motorists give all due care and consideration to their speed when driving and that it is only a small minority who do not.

“It is this minority we need to influence into reducing their speed and to keep our roads safe for everyone.”


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