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Weather monitor on Scottish road “improves safety”

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The introduction of a weather monitor and warning signs at an accident blackspot in Scotland has led to a significant decrease in accidents, according to the company behind it.

Vaisala was contracted to deliver the remote sensor on the A725 in Glasgow after analysis showed one section was far more prone to accidents than the rest of the road.  The monitor gathers information about a build-up of water and, when certain conditions are met, triggers warning signs.

The company reports that, in the three years before the weather station was installed the location had one fatal, two serious and eight slight accidents.  However they say that in the three years since its installation there have been only fourslight accidents.

They calculate that as saving more than a million pounds in accident costs.

Vaisala say their Remote Surface State Sensor DSC111, can determine whether there is water, snow/ice, or a dry roadway, and measuring the thickness of the weather layer, can calculate a grip or friction value.


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