Waymo test driver “has gun pointed at him” | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Waymo test driver “has gun pointed at him”

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A safety operative testing Waymo’s driverless vehicles in Arizona has had a gun pointed at him in one of a number of attacks on the vehicles there.

azcentral.com says this is “one of at least 21 interactions documented by Chandler police during the past two years where people have harassed the autonomous vehicles and their human test drivers”.

It adds that people have thrown rocks at Waymos, the tire on one was slashed while it was stopped in traffic and vehicles have been yelled at, chased and one Jeep was responsible for forcing the vans off roads six times.

However because of the technology on the car, the self-driving vans capture footage of all interactions that usually is clear enough to identify people and read license plates.


Perhaps because nobody has been asked if they want autonomous vehicles?
Governments will not except the fact, that some of us enjoy driving and that it is a thing called CHOICE.
Something that is fast disappearing in so called democratic countries.