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Waymo and AAA partner to ease public anxiety about autonomous vehicles

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Waymo has partnered with AAA Northern California, Nevada, and Utah and several other safety-advocate organisations to address peoples worries about autonomous vehicles.

The partnership will work on an education campaign to eradicate the confusion and fear around autonomous vehicles.

Mothers Against Drunk Driving, with whom Waymo has already been working, as well as The National Safety Council and The Foundation for Blind Children also joined the effort.

Business Insider reports that the campaign is called Let’s Talk Self-Driving and that it aims to educate people about how self-driving technology can save lives and make our roads more inclusive by improving independence and creating new mobility options for everyone.

AAA regional vice-president Ignacio Garcia told Business Insider that the effort wouldn’t just be about explaining the benefits of self-driving vehicles. He said that the partnership would strive to eradicate the lack of transparency on the status if autonomous technologies and educate the public about the limitations of the tech. “The overall pace of change has accelerated,” he said. “But we’re doing what we’ve always done, since we were founded 118 years ago — to be the traffic-safety advocate for our membership.”


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