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Waymo addresses self-driving safety

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Self-driving technology development company Waymo says that self-driving cars can recognise many types of shared road users. 

The company, originally a project of Google before it became a stand-alone subsidiary in 2016, also highlighted how its technology avoids cyclists.

Waymo has said that it has created a library of thousands of scenarios that capture safe, desired behaviour of its vehicles in complex situations.

In the first of its series, Waymo focuses on how its self driving cars safely navigate around other road users like cyclists on the road. ‘Our vehicles are designed to understand that different types of road users will not behave in the same way; pedestrians, for example, can change direction suddenly,’ stated Waymo on its blog.

The first simulation captured an example of Waymo cars recognising and responding to school children, taking additional caution to ensure their safety.

Waymo state that its technology is able to perceive and accurately classify different road users which, in turn, allows our self driving vehicles to predict their behavior. Its path planning software can then interpret this information to chart the safest driving path, many times per second.

The second in Waymo’s series of simulations sees one of its cars identify a cyclist and predicts that the rider will shift out of the bike lane to get around a parked trailer.


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