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Vysionics gets approval for level crossing enforcement system

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Vysionics has achieved Home Office Type Approval for VECTOR LX, a Red Light Enforcement system to detect and enforce red light offences at level crossings.

Level crossings account for the majority of public fatalities that occur on the rail network, so Network Rail undertook a development project to reduce this risk through a number of targeted measures.  This included the development of a new Home Office Type Approved (HOTA) device that allows for automatic, unattended enforcement of vehicles that misuse level crossings.  VECTOR LX was awarded HOTA certification in February 2015 and is now operational at sites across the UK; the first ever non-invasive solution to achieve unattended enforcement approval.

Vysionics were the first to achieve HOTA for an ANPR based unattended enforcement system in 1999.  Since that time, thousands of our enforcement ANPR cameras have been installed and operated in the UK, proving a long and unrivalled track record in developing and delivering automated enforcement solutions.  These include the SPECS average speed enforcement device used at hundreds of UK locations.  The experience gained from achieving the extremely rigorous requirements of HOTA combined with a highly innovative system design resulted in Network Rail choosing Vysionics as a development partner for this important project.

VECTOR LX is a completely new device, pulling together a number of highly capable but standard modules into an integrated package.  Using a combination of video, Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) and scanning radar, VECTOR LX is able to monitor multiple vehicles and journeys in all weather and lighting conditions.  A non-invasive design approach means that the system does not interface directly with the Wigwag signals and removes the need for in-road loops and strips.  Whilst the current HOTA approval covers just the capture of red light offences, a planned development will also allow the system to capture and present anonymous ‘survey’ data, providing a wealth of leading indicators, covering factors such as vehicle speeds, queue lengths, pedestrian misuse and traffic volumes, all sorted by time and day.

Geoff Collins, Sales & Marketing Director for Vysionics said “This is a fantastic opportunity for us and we are delighted to be working with Network Rail on such an important project.  VECTOR LX will deliver a truly innovative solution that can help to reduce deaths and injuries on level crossings”.




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