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Voyage Auto to run automated vehicles in retirement communities

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U.S start-up Voyage Auto has secured a five-year licence to run its automated vehicles in retirement villages. 

The five-year licence will allow Voyage Auto to utilise the low speed limits, simple road layouts and cautious drivers that retirement villages offer.

The Financial Times reports that Oliver Cameron, CEO of Voyage Auto said, ‘In retirement communities everyone is driving like a grandma, and that’s how self-driving cars drive today.’

‘Retirement communities are the ideal place to start the automated car revolution. We are very much welcomed with open arms,’ added Cameron.

Voyage is operating its nine-strong fleet of automated vehicles — Chrysler Pacifica minivans and Ford Fusion hybrids — with a human “safety driver” to take control if required.

In return for exclusive rights to operate, Voyage has given the owners of The Villages a 0.5% stake in the start-up, reports The Financial Times.

Michael Ramsey, senior research director, automotive and smart mobility at Gartner told The Financial Times, ‘In the modern city, autonomy is going to nibble around the edges where economics work, where safety works, where complexity is limited.’

‘The examples are retirement communities,planned communities, campuses or even cities with limited complexity routes between parking and offices,’ added Ramsey.



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