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Volvo promising full autonomous car by 2020

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Volvo is planning to have a fully autonomous car on the road within four years.

The website Tech Insider reports that, while other car companies are planning vehicles with a high level of autonomy but where the driver still needs to pay attention, Volvo will be “way more advanced” by 2020.

“The thing that is unique is that we are really trying to deploy the technology in reality. And when I say that, I mean self-driving cars that allow drivers to do something else behind the steering wheel,” Erik Coelingh, Senior Technical Leader for Safety and Driver Support Technologies, told Tech Insider.

“In other words,” the report goes on, “the company’s first self-driving car won’t require a human to supervise it at all while the car is in control.  The driver will be able to do another activity while the car does all the driving.  What’s more, it will be designed to deal with just about any situation.”

Volvo has already announced the launch of its DriveMe program next year in London, Gothenburg and China in which drivers will use its self-driving cars.

(Picture – Volvo’s test vehicle in South Australia)



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