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Volvo and Nvidia to develop AI for driverless vehicles

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Volvo is to partner with U.S chipmaker Nvidia to develop AI used in self-driving trucks. 

The partnership is said to be long-term and intends to begin immediately.

Reuters reports that Volvo said the partnership will focus on the development of a flexible, scalable autonomous driving system, which is planned to be used first in commercial pilot schemes before it is deployed in commercial vehicles from the Volvo Group.

‘Utilising Nvidia’s end-to-end artificial intelligence platform for training, simulation and in-vehicle computing, the resulting system is designed to safely handle fully autonomous driving on public roads and highways,’ Volvo stated, according to Reuters.

Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang told Reuters, ‘The latest breakthroughs in AI and robotics bring a new level of intelligence and automation to address the transportation challenges we face.’

Volvo’s and Nvidia’s collaboration intends to be built on Nvidia’s full software package for sensor processing, perception, map localization and path planning.


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