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Volkswagen is testing anti-vomit technology for autonomous cars

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German automaker Volkswagen is testing solutions to carsickness in automated cars. 

Tests are being carried out using features such as red and green LED lights and movable seats.

Car and Driver reports that Volkswagen has announced that it has set scientists in Wolfsburg, Germany, on the task of studying motion sickness in autonomous cars and developing anti-sickness solutions.

One set of Volkswagen’s tests uses large strips of LEDs inside a car that glow red or green in concert with the car’s slowing and acceleration to help occupants gain a sense of anticipation for a self-driving car’s moves.

To combat illness relating to a mismatch in an occupant’s perception of a vehicle’s movement and the movement itself, another common source of carsickness, Volkswagen is testing the idea of movable seats.

Volkswagen is running tests that place subjects in a self-driving car, rigs them up with skin-temperature and heart-rate sensors, as well as cameras that evaluate skin tone. They then make them ride through 20 minutes of stop-and-go movement behind a lead car, says Car and Driver.



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