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Volkswagen introduces Inclusive Mobility Initiative

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Automaker Volkswagen has introduced its Inclusive Mobility Initiative, a programme that aims to help design vehicles and services to improve transportation and the quality of life for everyone, especially people with disabilities.

Volkswagen says that the initiative is an industry first and intends to engage disability groups earlier on in the design of vehicle technologies, user experience and mobility services.

The initiative will work predominantly on the development of automated vehicle systems.

Scott Keogh, Volkswagen of America president and CEO said, ‘Transportation is the key to full participation in society and for individuals with disabilities today, the options can be limited. Volkswagen is known as the people’s car company, and as the technology allows, we want to design vehicles that are more accessible.’

The initiative began in 2018 with outreach and collaboration with disability groups including National Federation of the Blind, the Disability Rights Education & Defense Fund (DREDF) and the National Association of the Deaf.



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