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VITRONIC’s Enforcement Trailer has ‘delivered’

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Industrial machine developer and innovator VITRONIC has commissioned over 400 units of its Enforcement Trailer. 

The speed measurement trailer was first launched approximately four years ago.

VITRONIC described the machine as a flexible and efficient solution for semi-stationary speed measurement.

The almost 400 units have been commissioned in France, Germany, the Middle-East and Australia. France alone has 300 units.

VITRONIC state that the Enforcement Trailer is used for traffic enforcement and places zero demands on the local infrastructure. The system has an independent power supply and can be transported by almost any vehicle with a trailer hitch.

Measurements are captured using Poliscan Speed LIDAR technology, making it possible to enforce the speed of all vehicles in all lanes at the same time.

Various speed limits and passage prohibitions can also be enforced at certain times for specific lanes and vehicle classes. An integrated modem transfers case data wirelessly via GSM and enables remote access to the measuring system.

According to VITRONIC accident hotspots often occur in locations where continuous speed enforcement is not an option. Highways and roadway work zones often do not have the necessary power and data connections to make this possible. The company’s Enforcement Trailer offers a new solution for traffic monitoring.


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