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Video of wrong-way motorway smash captured by police

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West Midlands Police have released footage of the moment a police car smashed into a vehicle travelling the wrong way down the M6 toll road.

Police officers prevented a serious collision after a car travelled the wrong way on the northbound carriageway towards oncoming traffic on Monday night (19 August).

Two force traffic officers risked a head-on collision, deliberately blocking the path of the Honda Jazz as it travelled south in the outside lane near to the junction with the A38 approaching three lanes of traffic which had already brought to a standstill just before 10pm.

The footage shows the two PCs spotting the Honda coming towards them at speed and how they positioned their vehicle to prevent it reaching the oncoming traffic and force it into the central reservation. It also conveys the danger they faced and their apprehension as the vehicle approached.

Force traffic manager, inspector Greg Jennings said: “Traffic officers are highly trained to make good decisions in difficult situations and a very challenging environment. These officers have kept their resolve in the face of a serious threat to ensure the safety of the public directly behind them.

“Thankfully the officers managed to stop the vehicle with only minor injury to one of them.

“The family of the Honda driver have thanked us for bringing the incident to a safe conclusion.”

The 77-year-old, who has dementia, had been reported missing from his home in Rowley Regis earlier that evening. He was not injured during his ordeal and, after being checked over by paramedics, was taken home to his family.

See footage of the incident below:



It’s good to see such a positive reminder that sections of our police forces do still provide the service they were once famed for. This display of obvious bravery without any of the gung-ho, testosterone fuelled attitude we often see is exemplary. Congratulations to both officers and West Midlands Police.