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Videalert launches new air quality monitoring sensors

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Suppliers of intelligent traffic management and enforcement solutions Videalert has announced the immediate availability of a new generation of air quality monitoring sensors. 

The devices feature integrated gas and particulate matter sensors and utilise Videalert’s existing infrastructure to transmit readings in real-time, providing councils with instant measurements showing the level of pollution in key locations.

According to Tim Daniels, Sales and Marketing Director of Videalert, ‘This new air quality monitoring solution gives councils real-time insight into the levels of air pollution around the clock.’

‘The sensor generates real-time data on the level of airborne particulates, including nitrogen dioxide and carbon dioxide, providing councils with real-time insight into the impact of enforcement cameras on improved air quality,’ added Daniels.

The Videalert device features a particulate matter sensor that uses the latest optical-based technologies and advanced sensor fusion algorithms to sense and count airborne particles from 1-1800µgm.

The device is designed to integrate with Videalert’s RDS WAN units (processors up poles) to transmit captured sensor data to Videalert’s digital video platform where it can be ‘visualised’ to show the levels of particulate matter at different times throughout the day and night.

This data can also be shared with UTMC style systems to inform and alert drivers via video message screens of high pollution levels and, if appropriate, re-route the traffic. Data from the sensors can also be blended with enforcement data from installed CCTV cameras to strengthen and validate the business case for the adoption of moving traffic enforcement restrictions including clean air or low emission zones.


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