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Vancouver in CA$400,000 project to assess driverless impact

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The Canadian Government has granted the city of Vancouver CA$400,000 to fund a pilot project into the safety of driverless vehicles.

That equates to around US$300,000 or £238,000.

The money is designed to ensure safety implications are looked at long before the technology is on the roads.

Councillor Andrea Reimer told News 1130, “You’re not going to stop technology if people want it.  There was a period of time where governments tried to stop technologies or ignore them… They happen and I think some of the impacts of that weren’t well-mitigated as a result of that. So, I think we have to accept that if people want driverless cars, they’re going to be here. The question is how fast and how ready are we when they show up?”

The radio station adds that Vancouver MP Joyce Murray explained that the research grant is part of a nearly three million dollar study already being done by Transport Canada.


“Well, I would say that this is a process and of course, any time that there is an accident or someone is injured or killed, we feel that deeply and it’s very concerning,” she said.


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