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US hit-and-run woman caught when her car calls Police

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An American woman has been caught after driving away from a crash, because her car automatically called the Police.

The New York Daily News says Cathy Bernstein, from Florida, was involved in a crash with a lorry and a van, but drove away.

Her car was fitted with an American version of e-Call, Ford’s 911 Assist system SYNC which made the call because the air bag had been activated.

The report says that while on the line she denied that she had been in a car accident, telling the operator a car had only pulled out in front of her black Ford but didn’t hit her.

Around the same time, police were investigating a hit-and-run report in which a driver said a black Ford crashed into her van and ruined her Christmas presents.

When police went to Bernstein’s house, they saw the Ford with a wrecked front-end, with silver paint from Preston’s car still on it. The airbag was also deployed.  She continued to deny it saying she had hit a tree.

The Daily News says she finally admitted to hitting a car and leaving the scene, and police learned she was actually fleeing from another crash before that.

Bernstein was held in custody before being charged with a hit-and-run, and later released.

(Picture – Ford website)


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