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US highways agency to allow use of advanced headlights

toyota adaptive beams
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The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is planning to lift the ban on the use of advanced headlights. reports that the NHTSA had previously banned what are known as “adaptive driving beams” because they tended to be too bright at the lower levels.

The US safety agency’s decision contrasted with the situation in Europe, where the technology has been in general use for more than 10 years.

Many of the leading automotive brands integrate adaptive driving beams into their cars, and some — including Toyota and Volkswagen — have been lobbying the NHTSA to try to have the ban lifted.

Unlike the conventional system of manually switching the headlights to a lower brightness and a downward direction, adaptive driving beams are automated.

They use sensors, cameras, data-processing software, and headlamp hardware to detect oncoming and preceding vehicles and automatically adjust the headlamp beams.


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