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US DOT takes a step towards mandatory V2V technology

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The American Government is proposing a law to make vehicle-to-vehicle technology mandatory on all new vehicles.

The country’s Transportation Secretary, Antony Foxx, has told CBS news, “Our goal is to see this technology put in place as soon as possible.  We know that it has the capability to help us avoid accidents that currently happen today.  We can expect the potential impact of up to 80 per cent of crashes today avoided because of this technology.”

The newly proposed rule will call for standard V2V technology to be phased in over a period of years, but still must clear administrative hurdles and a public comment period.

“I think you’ll see immediate impacts in a sense that cars with this capability will be able to have some of the safety enhancing features right away,” Mr Foxx added.

In 2014 more than 32,600 people died in traffic accidents on U.S. roads.

CBS also spoke to Jamie Kitman, New York Bureau Chief for Automobile Magazine, who, it says, agreed it’s a lifesaving technology, but that it will be a number of years before issues like security against hacking and privacy are fully addressed: “You are going to be able to be tracked like you’ve never been tracked before.  That has good uses like charting traffic flows, but then there is the issue that most of the data will be collected by private corporations and they will seek to use that for their benefit.”


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