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UK public gives views on CAVs

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A new survey suggests a quarter of people in the UK believe driverless cars will be the main form of transport in 10 years’ time.

IoT News reports that a YouGov study for Gemalto, which spoke to more than 2,000 people also assessed the expectations of consumers from connected and vehicles and found 34% would look for cost efficiency, 31% would seek ease in manoeuvring the vehicle and 28% would want a secure Wi-Fi access.

Other key features were real-time traffic updates, parking space information, accurate maps, biometric authentication and enhancements to in-car features through software updates.

However, 64% of consumers surveyed said they were wary of their safety in driverless cars. 34% of consumers are apprehensive of their cars getting hacked, losing control and causing accidents. Moreover, for 9% of consumers, data privacy is of major concern. They want their car manufacturers to handle their data collected via connected cars to be secured.

The IoT News report also quotes Gemalto as saying that car manufacturers, in order to gain consumers’ trust must embrace a multi-layer security-by-design approach. PKI infrastructure, key management services and identity issuance should be utilised to secure the car, its firmware and software applications, while high-speed data encryption technology needs to be used at all times to put to rest data privacy concerns.


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