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UK Autodrive launches new website

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One of England’s three driverless car trials has launched its new website, which the organisation says lists a schedule of milestones for the three-year project.

The project involves regular road-based cars provided by Ford, Jaguar Land Rover and Tata Motors, as well as pavement-based electric ‘pod’ vehicles designed and built by Coventry-based firm RDM Group.

On its website, the listed project milestones include the start of connected car trials at the HORIBA MIRA test track in Nuneaton in October.  Further trials are then due to take place on closed and open roads in the host cities of Milton Keynes and Coventry throughout 2017, before the project culminates in a final set of trials and demonstrations during the summer of 2018.

The UK Autodrive website also contains project-related news and events, information on the UK Autodrive consortium members and a list of frequently asked questions about the project and about connected and autonomous vehicles in general.

Later this year, the website will be used to let members of the public take part in a global survey of attitudes towards self-driving vehicles.  It is also planned that residents of Milton Keynes and Coventry will be able to use the site to sign up to participate in the later stages of the trials.

“UK Autodrive is as much about the public’s attitude towards connected and autonomous vehicles as it is about the technology itself, and we’ll be using the website heavily in the coming months to help people understand the huge potential benefits offered by automated transport,” said UK Autodrive programme director Tim Armitage.

“The website launch follows on from last month’s unveiling of the design concept for the project’s self-driving pod vehicles, and in October we’ll be organising the first private track trials of our road-based autonomous and connected cars, so we are now really starting to see things take shape.”



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