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Uber “promising flying cars by 2020”

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Uber has announced that it plans to roll out a network of flying cars in the Dallas-Fort Worth area of Texas and also Dubai by 2020.

Wired Magazine reports that “the crazy part is, Uber might make it happen”.

Its report explains that, “The kind of aircraft Uber envisions shuttling customers through the air—electric, with vertical takeoff and landing capability, and capable of flying 100 miles in just 40 minutes—don’t exist yet.  Nor does the infrastructure to support them. The FAA, an agency not known for speed, must ensure these aircraft meet all federal safety regulations and figure out where and how they fit into a complex air traffic control system.

“Instead of cracking those problems on its own, Uber plans to punt. It hopes to play the role of a catalyst, spurring manufacturers to build the aircraft, the FAA to figure out the regulations, and cities to wave them in.

The report quotes Richard Pat Anderson, director of the Flight Research Center at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University as saying, “I think 2020 is realistic for a vehicle that is not replacing an airplane but replacing a car.  A purely electric aircraft might remain elusive, but a serial hybrid setup—where the aircraft carries a fuel-burning turbine to keep the juice flowing, much like the Chevrolet Volt—could work.”


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