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Uber “may lose London licence”

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Uber is facing what are called tough new hurdles to keep operating in London with at least three members of the Transport for London board demanding it have its licence cancelled or renewed only under strict conditions.

The Sunday Times has reported that in an email to TfL, written last month and leaked by a third party, board member Michael Liebreich raises serious concerns about Uber’s alleged “regulatory evasion”, its safety record for passengers and its “profiling” of passengers and that, while he doesn’t say the licence should be cancelled, his fears should be “appropriately considered”.

A second board member is reported as saying, “My position is that we shouldn’t renew the licence. I did raise concerns about the way Uber reportedly ‘games’ its application to deceive regulators, also issues around increasing congestion and private hire vehicle numbers, ” while a third board member, Baroness Grey-Thompson, is also understood to have demanded action.

The license is up for renewal at the end of the month.  The newspaper quotes Uber as saying, “Over 3m Londoners regularly use Uber. We want to continue to do so.”


Dear TfL Iam uber driver.thereus about 40.000 driver if TfL did not renew license all the driver wii going to claim benefits from the government reason why black cab don’t like uber is become customers get value for many and the technology as moved on.i think TfL should make every drive to crb check every year