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TRL research informs European Commission safety regulations

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Global centre for innovation in transport and mobility, TRL has announced that its research has led to ‘ground-breaking’ changes to European safety regulations that will future proof the car industry. 

Since 2014 TRL has been working with the European Commission in order to access the feasibility of cutting-edge safety measures to introduce into regulation for new cars.

TRL states that it’s research has involved car manufacturers, governments and safety organisations looking at practical and innovative ways to reduce fatalities and protect road users.

The European Commission’s approval of new safety standards marks a historical moment for vehicle regulation. The European General Safety Regulations are the first of their kind in the world and the European Commission say that they will deliver remarkable safety benefits to European society.

Head of TRL’s Academy, Richard Cuerden said, “It’s an outstanding achievement to gain approval from the European Commission who will now take the regulations to a Parliamentary vote.”

“We are working very hard for advanced and practical standards to be introduced for vehicles, not only in the UK but across Europe. This new safety legislation lays the ground work for what is going to come next as vehicles evolve from human to automated systems,” continued Cuerden.

TRL has supported the development of the new safety regulations by assessing a vast array of safety measures. The EU regulations will now include 17 new safety features designed to work in sync to protect lives and enhance road safety.

The European General Safety Regulations will see the development of new state-of-the-art vehicles in the EU auto industry.

Senior Researcher for Vehicle Safety & Regulation at TRL, Matthias Seidl said, “These innovative safety measures for new vehicles will support drivers in their ongoing tasks, intervene in the most critical situations to avoid a collision and ensure that injuries to occupants, as well as pedestrians and cyclists, are significantly reduced”





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