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TRL launches annual research review

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TRL, the Transport Research Laboratory, has launched a new report which collates 18 months of research on a number of topics surrounding traffic technology including electric cars and connected and automated vehicles.

Among the specifics are:

  • Expert commentary on connected and automated vehicles; electric vehicles; healthy transport; safety and smart infrastructure
  • The implications of healthy transport on road networks, infrastructure and planning as government announces ‘healthy towns’
  • Insight on the future for self-driving cars and their safety implications
  • Safety and the future of automotive design – rapidly expanding technology will help to meet UN target to halve road deaths by 2020.

TRL says it is positioned at the forefront of the future of transport, with over 80 years of experience, given that it currently employs a number of world-renowned experts, covering all areas of transport research – from traditional areas of road and vehicle safety, highway engineering and maintenance, to topics such as sustainability, attitudes and behaviours, simulation and modelling, carbon reduction, standards and specifications.

It adds that, as technology disrupts all areas of transport, it is perfectly positioned to comment on the future of automotive technology; including connected and automated vehicles, ultra-low emission vehicles, smart cities, healthy towns and energy.

You can download a copy of the report here.


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