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TRL helps improve Indian road safety

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The Indian State Himachal Pradesh has officially launched its first road accident data management system (RADMS) for the management, analysis and evaluation of road traffic accident data.

Designed and developed by TRL, the new system streamlines and centralises the management of accident data, making it easier to identify and introduce measures to reduce the volume and severity of accidents.

Subu Kamal, Strategic Applications Director, TRL commented: “At TRL, we have made it our mission to help reduce the number of fatalities and serious injuries on our roads.  It is why we developed our iMAAP suite of software solutions and it is why local authorities and States like Himachal Pradesh continue to turn to us to help them achieve their road safety goals.

“India accounts for approximately 15 percent of the global road accident fatalities, so it’s vital that steps are taken to try and improve road safety across the country.  The new data management system will help road safety stakeholders to drive a significant reduction in road casualties and ensure that funds are being spent on initiatives that will make a difference to road safety,” he added.

B.S. Chauhan, Project Director and Chief Engineer of HPRIDC added: “The use of a scientific road safety management solution like iMAAP in a mountainous State like Himachal Pradesh will certainly help improve road safety problems by enabling the easy identification and re-design of any accident prone road sections and also appropriate budgetary allocations. The system will also go a long way in helping the police department to effectively monitor and regulate their activities, as well as equip other stakeholders, like the Health Department, for any future planning. The TRL team, with their energy, focus and expertise, have been very helpful in setting up this system in the State of Himachal, particularly given our peculiar terrain and local issues.”

Hosted at the Himachal Pradesh State Data Centre in Shimla, the RADMS, a customised version of TRL’s iMAAP software, enables police officers to collect and record data from road traffic accidents in real-time using mobile or tablet devices. Data is immediately fed back into the system, which is populated with an extensive, intelligent library of engineering countermeasures linked with accident causes, to help road safety engineers on the ground implement solutions quickly.

The system has been designed to integrate with existing Government IT systems, including the Crime and Criminal Tracking Network & Systems (CCTNS), VAHAN, SARATHI.  The mobile component of the solution is developed based on the latest open standards in Hindi, providing users with access to RADMS from any mobile platform, with or without internet connection.

The launch of the new RADMS system is part of an ongoing project, jointly led by TRL and Indian software company Experion which started in April last year.


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