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Transport Minister calls for more young people in sector

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The Under Secretary of State for Transport, Lord Ahmad, says the country needs many more young people to join the transport industry in order for it to once again be a world leader.

Speaking at a school prize giving in southwest London he said that historically Britain has led the way is in the area of transport – “Our ships spread world trade,” he said.  “Britons such as George Stephenson and Isambard Kingdom Brunel invented the modern railway, and the first jet airliner was invented here by the de Havilland Aircraft Company.”

But, he added, “you have probably noticed that in recent years, Britain hasn’t been leading the way for transport.  Past governments – from both sides of politics – have chosen not to spend the money necessary to keep our transport networks up-to-date.  And now we are falling behind in the world.”

Lord Ahmad pointed at projects such as Crossrail and HS2 to show that things are changing again, but added that the country needs more engineers, surveyors, construction workers to design the infrastructure, to operate the machinery and to manage the projects.

He also called for more women to join the industry and announced that he’s begun discussions with female transport professionals at Imperial College to work out how to achieve it.



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