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Traffic management benefits not understood – report

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An audit of traffic management usage across Regional and National Capital Cities (RNCs) suggests that its value is not fully understood, used or funded.

“Traffic Management Transformed – Moving Cities Forward”, by Siemens, looked at RNCs across Europe and North America and found only 40 per cent of cities state that they have been very effective in their use of traffic management, while a quarter don’t have a clear vision and plans to deploy traffic management.

Researchers further found that, even when cities are looking to invest in traffic management, there is an underlying conservatism in how it is used, with nearly a third merely looking to replace existing technology, and a similar number seeing traffic management as a way to accommodate existing demand.

Fewer than two in five cities expect to invest more in traffic management over the next five years.

Based on this, the researchers say they found that less than half of the RNCs have the “strategic ambition” combining the right goals and funding for traffic management, with the majority of cities at risk from a vicious cycle whereby a lack of ambition means that the benefits of traffic management are neither under- stood nor attained, thereby reducing available funding.

It proposes a four stage ‘way forward’ to help RNCs establish the right framework to avoid this cycle and capitalise on the opportunities afforded by traffic management and use examples of best practice in traffic management to illustrate how this can be done and the benefits that can be achieved.

You can read the full report here.


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