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Traffic camera info company adds live dashcam footage

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The traffic camera network image provider Vizzion is giving access to on-vehicle cameras, collected from a network of tens of thousands of cellular-connected on-vehicle cameras.

The company says its access to a commercial-vehicle telematics camera supplier should ultimately expand the network into the hundreds of thousands of vehicles.   It says by collecting imagery from key road locations or hot spots worldwide, the new system will considerably broaden Vizzion’s coverage and add significant density to existing areas.

Vizzion says its network of live imagery can generate wide-ranging, high density webs of hyperlocal traffic, weather, and other data which can be simply and seamlessly integrated into existing applications and services.

It says the network will provide a new platform for application developers, government road agencies, and other organisations to connect with leading camera imagery suppliers; enabling them to extract valuable road condition, road incident, and atmospheric information.

“Whether for use-cases such as mapping, news reporting, road management, or public safety,” explains Keith Anderson, Vizzion’s Marketing Manager, “this new platform can save operators from expensive on-the-ground crews and other alternatives by providing live views of current conditions with unprecedented road coverage.”

Vizzion says all imagery is anonymised and collected from public roads only and no personally identifiable information, such as faces or license plates, is produced.


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