Toyota cars to have automatic parking from 2020 | Smart Highways Magazine: Industry News

Toyota cars to have automatic parking from 2020

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Toyota has announced a set of new automated features that aim make its cars greener and safer in future.

From 2020 onwards, all new Toyota models will be fitted with an automatic parking feature.

Techradar reports that at the moment, the Toyota’s cars give visual warnings and beep if you get out without parking properly, but in future they’ll also put the parking brake on for you, and/or shift the car into the ‘park’ position.

Toyota suggests that the automatic parking feature could reduce the possibility of tragic accidents where drivers are hit when their parked car rolls forward unexpectedly.

New cars will also come with automatic shutoff, which will turn off the engine if it’s left idling for a long time, says Techradar.

There will also be a smartphone app to warn you if the engine has been left idle for a long period of time.


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