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TomTom to collaborate on innovative road safety initiative

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Location technology specialist TomTom has announced that it is collaborating with the EU Data Task (DTF) on a proof of concept to improve road safety.

The proof of concept intends to improve road safety by sharing vehicle and infrastructure data between countries and manufacturers.

TomTom says that using the latest technologies, vehicles can detect and warn occupants about dangerous road conditions and that these warnings can also be beneficial to other drivers and road operators.

In the DTF proof of concept, vehicle-generated data such as alerts, along with infrastructure information, will be shared using a decentralised data collaboration architecture.

TomTom roles will be to take these datasets, process them, and deliver them back to other vehicles via its live Traffic services, and to road authorities.

Ralf-Peter Schäfer, VP Traffic and Travel at TomTom, said, ‘Improving road safety in Europe is high on the agenda of the EU and national governments, and it’s also high on ours. TomTom’s vision is of safer roads, free of congestion and emissions.’


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