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The Sun launches maintenance plea

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The Sun has launched a “Broken Britain” campaign urging the Government to pump more cash into road maintenance.

The tabloid’s motoring editor Ken Gibson has written to Prime Minister David Cameron urging him to spend more cash on the country’s roads.

The letter states: “Dear Prime Minsiter, this week I am giving you a challenge on behalf of the 35million motorists of the UK.

“The challenge is that you spend a day with me driving the roads of Britain to experience first hand how they have become a national embarrassment.

“British motorists now pay £46billion for the privilege of driving on some of the worst roads in Europe.

“Of that just £8billion goes back into our roads, shared between motorways and local highways.

“A major new report reveals that it would cost £10.5billion to get our road network back into just a “reasonable condition”, and that it will take 12 YEARS to clear the road repair back-log in England and Wales.

“As there is currently a shortfall of £831million a year for highways repairs, there is not a hope in hell of our roads ever getting to a reasonable state.

“Your Government are watching the disintegration of our road network, into a crumbling patchwork quilt of potholes and a sea of cones, because of totally inadequate funding in the roads.

“And while our highways turn into the roads from hell your Government is pressing ahead with a multi-billion investment into a new rail link, while neglecting the roads that are the backbone of the economy.

“Our roads are not only vital to industry but also support our daily lives.

“It’s time the Government stopped using motorists as a cash cow and gave us a road network worthy of a country that’s meant to be one of the leaders in Europe.

“An immediate way to put our roads back on track would be to invest a substantial amount of the £46billion you take from motorists in taxation directly back into the roads. I await your reply.”


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